Big Bang or Creation?

This question has been plaguing me ever since I have stepped back into religion.  And really is the reason why I started the blog. But I feel as though this has been somewhat answered for me now through my class. These are my conclusions…Creation is not really a story of how the world came to be but a story that is told so that we have to learn from it.  I believe now that science and religion answer different questions. Science answers the question of “How we came to be?” Religion answers “How powerful is God?”  How humans try to come grips with Genesis is to put it into a historical context.  When the author’s of Genesis wrote they did not think in terms of history, they just used images that people could relate to, to understand God’s power. So, it is not Creation vs Big Bang it Big Band and the Creation of God’s Power.


2 thoughts on “Big Bang or Creation?

  1. I feel that Religion and Science are not mutually exclusive. How can you look at ANY animal and realize how complex it is, and how all the different systems must work together in order for the organism to live, and not see the hand of God? I guess that I do have a problem with Random Selection though.


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