First of all, sorry it has been awhile… I was busy with school, then with work during the summer.

So, this post is based on a sermon given at my church last week. This is what I have gleamed from the sermon. The pastor spoke about how even though things may not be going the way you want you still have to believe in God. The framework of the saying is “Although…But….”.  An example is “Although I have lost my job and I am down on my luck, but God is good and he will provide”. It reminds you to take a negative situation and look for the good.  I try to do this in my everyday life, it has made me a happier person.  There is always a little nugget of truth and/or something you can learn from in every situation.

Another tangent, but similar the topic.  It seems as though about every month there is some shooting going on, such as in Tennessee or in Ferguson.  You need to look for the positive out of this destruction.  For me I see that God is teaching us to treasure everyday that we have because we do not know what tomorrow will bring.  “Although there is so much destruction, but God is teaching me to value my own life and the people in it.”